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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever read about a Virtual Assistant or VA and weren’t sure what it is? No need to feel alone, many people have never heard of this term, and neither had I until about three years ago.When I was on the board of an Administration Association, I welcomed a friendly face at oneof our ‘Meet and Greet’ events. When I introduced myself as a part-time administrator, Iasked her what she did. She replied, “I run a VA company.” I pondered the words andthought “wait, what’s that?” R...

May 23, 2022

Questions for your Potential VA (before signing up)

Last month, we have touched on what a Virtual Assistant is. If you haven’t read this blog or wantto know more about it, you can find it here.This month, I am touching on a couple of important questions you need to ask any potential VA.The key to remember when having a discovery call with your potential right-hand person is thatit is exactly what it sounds like - a Discovery Call – an information gathering session. Eventhough you will need to treat this like you would treat a potential employ...

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