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A Daughter's Point of View - by Joslyne Tinone

This month we are changing things up a wee bit…we invited a guest blogger to offer their viewpoint on the positive impacts of running your own small business while working from home…Please welcome my daughter, Joslyne Tinone!

Elizna Tinone, the owner of Time Creator VA Services, is also known as my mum. Approximately two years ago my mum started her own business. It changed everything. When I found out my mum was starting her own business my reaction was like most teenagers' reactions, "Okay, good for you. I guess" and then I found out she was going to work from home. Great! However, I didn't realise how great this would be until recently.

Before my mum had her own business and worked from home, she had a full-time job. Meaning lots of things like working long hours, not being as flexible, and having to work early mornings and late nights. Most mornings my mum needed to be at work at a specific time (sometimes early or later in the morning) which was annoying. For me this meant some days, I had to get up early to get ready so my mum could drop me off at my Ouma’s house, who would then drop me off at school. On the mornings mum had to be at work later, I could then sleep in! Bonus! 

Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I had an imbalanced morning routine. As mum had a full-time job it meant long hours and not being so flexible. Meaning, that she couldn't always make it to my Sports days or other special school activity days like that and if she did, she had to take the time off work which wasn’t so good because then she lost out on payments. When she worked late nights, I would have to go to my Ouma’s house (again, not a bad thing), have dinner there and I would get home and go to bed late. It wasn't ideal for me, my mum, or my dad, considering my dad works full time too.

Now, to the present day...My mum owns her own business - Time Creator VA Services. My mum's business has taken off like a rocket ship! I don't know much about VA's and business stuff but from what I have heard it sounds like this business is doing great. I can't imagine how stressful it must be to own your own business, but I know how rewarding and fun it must be. You get to do what you love in a place you enjoy. You don't have to drag yourself to a job you hate every morning. Working from home and having your own business means you have things like personal freedom, and less money spent on things like petrol because you don't have to travel to and from work every day. Yes, my mum is still busy, but she is more flexible. She doesn't have to work late nights. Also, if I'm home sick (from school) she doesn't have to take time off work to look after me.

In conclusion, I am so happy for my mum that her business is working out and she is working from home because it is so much better for all of us. We can have more family time and hang out more often.

Wow, thank you Joslyne for those powerful insights into the positive impacts on your life and our family dynamic, now that I work from home running Time Creator VA Services. It certainly puts things into a reflective perspective. 

‘til next month,