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What makes The Perfect VA/The Perfect Client?

What makes The Perfect VA/The Perfect Client?

Wow, we are almost at the end of the month and time for our next blog.

Previously, we discussed other topics about Virtual Assistants that can be found on our website
under our Blog section.

This month, we are talking about what makes The Perfect VA/The Perfect Client. Although there is
no right or wrong, the qualities listed below are what I believe to be the contributing factors for The
Perfect VA/Perfect Client.

The Perfect VA/The Perfect Client isn’t a specific individual in the broad sense, but rather the Perfect VA or The Perfect Client for you.

7 Top Qualities of the Perfect VA
  • Honesty: This is the most important quality in any person you use in your business. It is of utmost importance that as a VA we are extremely honest, if a mistake is made own it, apologise for it, and fix it.
  • Time Management: As a VA, you may work with several clients or on projects with deadlines. It is essential to have efficient time management skills to meet your deadlines.
  • Organisational Skills: Most VAs work from home, so staying focused on different tasks is imperative.
  • Strong Communication: This is a crucial element of any VAs skillset. They need to inform their clients on how they are tracking their work and any concerns that may arise. Communication style should be discussed between the VA and the client to ensure it is something they both prefer to use. i.e., communicate by WhatsApp voice clips or text messages.
  • Adaptability: A good VA will be flexible and able to adapt to changing work conditions quickly.
  • Problem Solving: The difference between a good and great VA, is the ability to solve problems, create solutions, plan for problems, and foresee issues.
  • Trustworthy: Understanding and respecting your clients' needs for them and their business will build trust. By always being consistent and reliable in your work and honest, you will maintain your client’s trust.
7 Qualities that make for a good Client
  • Respecting your VA’s time: One of the biggest Red Flags for a VA is when clients fail to show up or show up late for meetings, whether it be in person or virtually. As a VA, we understand the value of time, and we kindly ask that we be treated with the same respect.
  • On-Time Payment: The perfect VA will treat each client as a VIP, and on-time payment is an essential requirement to ensure your work is treated as VIP work.
  • Realistic Expectations: We know you have the perfect VA; however, they are still human and can make mistakes. VAs are often perceived as robots, even though we try our hardest to meet our clients’ expectations, there are times when it just isn’t possible, and understanding this will make your VA appreciate you more as a client.
  • Advice: A great VA will provide you with feedback and advice on where you may be able to be more efficient or save time. As a VA, I look out for my client's business and always look for ways we can improve it. However, please don’t shut us down when we give advice, as we don’t give it lightly. Generally, if we recommend something, it is because we honestly believe it will help you and your business. In saying that, you don’t need to implement everything we recommend, as in the end, you do know your business best. It is always best to keep an open mind with your VA.
  • Responses: Generally, VAs tend to simply get on with things and get the job done.

Sometimes we may seek clarity on details or require further information from the client to
ensure we can finish the work accurately. If we send something to you, an acceptable time
frame for response is appreciated to ensure we can finish your task on time.

  • Know what you want: By knowing what you want will help you find the perfect VA. If for instance, you need help with bookkeeping, it is of no use asking for a VA’s assistance and the one you hire doesn’t do bookkeeping. Sometimes, it can be hard to delegate as you may not be sure what you can do. Start by making a list of the top five (5) things you prefer not to do and when interviewing for a VA this will give you good ground to feel if they will be the perfect fit for you.

As the Client, the search for your Perfect VA needs to fit your requirements. Sometimes using a
friend or family member won’t be the perfect person for you. Visa-Versa if you are the VA and
interviewing a potential client.

Top Tip: Using a Values List to send to your potential VA/Client is an effective way to see if they align
with your values. Ensuring that your values match will lead to a stronger relationship between the
VA and Client. Keep a lookout for our blog in June, where I will talk about the role Values play in my business and share a list that I use and send to my potential clients.

Till next month,