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Our main Virtual Assistant is Elizna, however, we work closely with other contractors that specialise in different fields to ensure our clients get the best possible service. Along with Elizna, we have 2 other main contractors we use, you can read more about them below.

Time Creator Virtual Assistant Services Limited is a small family run business. Our core value is family; our passion is to help our clients have a better work-life balance to enjoy more time with loved ones. We walk alongside our clients to give them the support they need to grow and still have a work-life balance. By working together you will know you're not battling it alone in your business and that you have someone there to cheer you on and assist you where needed — we are there to help you!

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Elizna is a dedicated mother and wife, who loves spending time outdoors with her family.

With over 15 years of experience in various admin roles in the private and public sectors, confidentiality is of utmost importance to her. 

With her all-around experience in various administrative and sales roles, she understands the importance of client relationships, which translates to her client relationships. She is a person that thinks on her feet and will constantly look for ways to improve her clients' systems. She builds strong relations with her clients so she can pre-empt what they need, making for proficient work. She does not shy away from a challenge and will easily share her ideas with her clients’. She enjoys seeing her clients' businesses grow while they maintain their work-life balance. Her passion is to help people achieve a better work-life balance so they can do more of what they enjoy rather than what they must in their businesses.

When you use Elizna's services, you can rest assured that you and your business will be well taken care of.  

Elizna loves to bake and cook, and she often bakes or cooks something for her loved ones to enjoy during her downtime. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband and daughter and wider family and enjoys mother nature.